The Viral Infection of Hurt

Greetings Beloved!

Several years ago, the Lord began to speak to me about the hurt of his people. My eyes were opened to not only the actions of people, but the reasons behind those actions. I felt the heart of God for humanity and could see clearly what shape we were in. We as humans are all born with a clean slate. When a child is born, they don’t know prejudice, racism, hatred, bigotry, or any of the like, because they haven’t had any experiences that could cause those things to sink in. They are still optimistic about life in general. They hope to get a good job when they are grown, have a meaningful marriage or relationship. They are very optimistic about life in general. When they meet new people, they don’t automatically assume the worse about them, because since they themselves haven’t been tainted, then they just assume the best about people.
Somewhere along this journey in life, we began to try some of the things that we’ve desired. We start to date, get jobs, and interact with more people on a regular basis. Once we began to have these experiences, we are not expecting the worse, and optimism is still the dominant code that we live by. Unfortunately, we forget that people are people and that everyone isn’t as optimistic as we are. Sometimes we attach ourselves to people and situations that we shouldn’t, not knowing that those people have lost their innocence of optimism and therefore spread the infection of their past hurts to others. So, we may date and get ourselves involved with someone who we deem to be worthy of us. Since we haven’t been infected yet, we still manage to see the good in everyone. I’ve learned over the years that while it is good to see the good in everyone, you still can’t ignore the bad that you see as well. You have to identify the nature of each individual so that you can deal with them accordingly. Scenario: My older brother once had a pet snake and a dog at the same time. He kept the snake in a cage and the dog was allowed to roam around the house as a guard dog. Even though they were both his pets, wisdom demanded that they first be identified and handled according to their nature. It made no sense to have the guard dog locked up in a cage and the snake roaming around the house freely. That’s how we have to handle people. Once a person has shown you who they are, then you can’t treat them any different. Not saying that you treat anyone wrong, but you can’t expect people to be who they are not! Unfortunately, we as humans make this mistake and end up getting hurt in the process. This hurt is like a virus, and if it hasn’t been healed or taken away, it will just infect others who are around. So, we get tied to people and situations and if we are not careful, we allow those things to infect us. I am especially speaking of relationships, because that is the area that I see this happen in the most. We’ve all heard the saying, “hurt people hurt people”. I think it is better understood when said in this manner; people who have been infected with hurt will infect others. So, when we notice people that may be mean or bitter towards whomever, we shouldn’t take it personal. We need to realize that there’s an infection there and pray that God will show them the origin of that infection and that they will ask God to move in and heal it before it spread any further. Now, since we know that hurt is like a virus, then we should also know that there is only one cure. You can’t walk around feeling like you can cure yourself or that time heal all wounds. That’s a lie sold by Satan and too many people have bought it. Time does not heal all wounds. Just because you have gotten over someone does not mean that you have gotten over the hurt that they have caused you. There is a difference. You can be over the person. You can see them in public somewhere and not desire to want to be with them any longer, but when you are in a relationship with someone else, you see yourself doing the same things to this new person that was done to you, or you see yourself guarding that area of your heart that was hurt in the previous relationship. In either case, it’s not fair to the new person, and you are unknowingly infected and spreading that virus of hurt to them. So, how do we stop this vicious cycle of hurt? We have to be honest and admit that we are infected with hurt and then go to the only Doctor there is who has the antidote, Jesus Christ. Luke 4:18 says The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised. We see in this scripture that there were different missions that He had, and two of them were healing the broken-hearted and freeing those who were bruised. Isn’t it something that healing people who have been bruised and broken-hearted is just as important to God as salvation itself? The same God that provided salvation through his Son has also provided healing, not only physical but emotional as well. That’s because the same devil that attack you physically with sickness will also attack you mentally with hurt. Also notice that this scripture talks of those who have been bruised as being bound and needing to be set free. Why? Because people can become prisoners of their hurt. So, what do you do about it? You release it to the Lord. Be honest and tell Him that you are hurt. If there’s any forgiveness that needs to happen, ask Him to help you to forgive. Forgiveness is the first step to being healed emotionally. Once that has taken place, then God can began to heal that virus. He is very willing to do it because He understands, as you should, that you can’t be 100 % effective for Him if you’re still hurting. I have seen good ministers of the Lord preaching out of hurt instead of under the anointing. How can you help to heal someone when you’re still infected yourself? It is God’s desire to completely heal you from the hurt so that you can testify and point others to Him, so that He can do the same for them. Stay Blessed!!!

Your Brother in Christ,
Hawk Bolden II